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Data Analysis Services

FixLearning provides customized data work sessions with your teams to create SMART goals using the Action Research Method. Action research in educational contexts integrates both action and reflection, so the knowledge gained in the inquiry is directly relevant to the issues being studied and ultimately contributes to improving the quality of pedagogy (Forey, Firkins, et al. 2012). 

When teachers and leaders use data to track progress, they can apply remediation or intervention as indicated by the data. The utilization of the data is beneficial to students, teachers, and leaders and can develop a targeted plan of action using SMART goals which is highly beneficial to achieve growth. It can expose or teach good practices, as well as expose or teach hard lessons that should be avoided.

Reach out to us today so that we can schedule your data needs assessment via virtual session. 

Forey, G., Firkins, A. S., and Sengupta, S. (2012). Full circle: Stakeholders’ evaluation of a
collaborative inquiry action research literacy project. English Teaching: Practice and
Critique, 11(4), 70-87.

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