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The Party Room Squad partners with FixLearning in support of Mario Jerry:         
The Memorial of Mario Jerry Vallias-Jean, will be streamed live by BakanalTV.  Download the BakanalTV app today, on iOS and Android, or go the website

Dear Family and Friends,

The Vallias-Jean Family invites you to join us in raising awareness for cancer survivors. We are mourning the loss of our beloved Mario Jerry, who battled anaplastic thyroid cancer, a rare and lethal form of cancer with little research available. We kindly ask for your support by visiting the official donation page and joining our "Partyroom Squad Loves Jerry" team to help raise awareness for cancer and contribute to research for anaplastic thyroid cancers and other forms of cancer through the American Cancer Fund® and its subsidiary, the American Cancer Association®.


Your donation will support cancer research, advocacy, and awareness, and will be a meaningful tribute to Mario Jerry. We deeply appreciate your contribution and your support.

Thank you for your prayers, love, and support.


Chekema Hector

On behalf of the Vallias-Jean Family,  The Montes Family & The Party Room Squad Family
CEO of FixLearning LLC
VP, Marketing & Sales BakanalTV
Veteran VIP Member of Partyroom Squad


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About The Party Room Squad

The Party Room Squad, established in 1995 by Mr. and Mrs. Carl Montes Jr., had a mission to introduce, educate, and promote the Caribbean Carnival to the younger generation in the neighborhood. The Montes family then partnered with their dear friend Mario Jerry Vallias-Jean to launch Partyroom Squad. Their goal is to preserve the rich traditions of the Caribbean Carnival and its cultural significance, emphasizing its potential global reach, historical roots, and multiracial heritage to protect its standing in the community. By highlighting its history, the Squad exposes the younger generation to valuable cultural aspects and viewpoints.

Sadly, on April 24, we were notified that our dear friend Mario Jerry, also known as the "Happiest Man Alive," was hospitalized and later diagnosed with Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer, one of the most deadly diseases worldwide. As we approached a season of festivities, Jerry, who was always front and center, requested Carl to promise him to make this 29th anniversary of Partyroom Squad EPIC as Miami Carnival celebrates its 40th year of celebrations. Our hearts ache to know that Jerry will not be on the road with us, providing top-tier customer service and Jerry hugs to the Partyroom Squad VIP family.

On Tuesday, June 11, 2024, at approximately 5:00 PM Mario Jerry Vallias-Jean lost his short and brutal battle to anaplastic thyroid cancer.  To the family of Mario Jerry "Happiest Man Alive" Vallias-Jean, we cannot express enough our deepest love for you during this difficult time. Just like Mario Jerry poured out his love for our PRS community and made us all feel like family, we want to let you know that we embrace all the members of the Vallias-Jean family and friends and want you to know that we are your Familaylaylaylay!

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